What is Acacia Living ?

Acacia Living enables seniors, their families and friends, and their team of health care professionals to easily connect with each other and to others through an innovative, easy-to-use platform, The Acacia C.A.R.E. Network. Unique to Acacia's solution is a holistic approach that supports physical well being and safety, while also nourishing the connections essential to maintaining mental well-being and healthy engagement.

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It is easy to access from Desktop or Android Tablet


When there is an event requiring the member to respond, an alert window pops-up while the tablet plays an audio alert chime. This calls the customer to the frame so they can respond to the notification. Their response (or lack of response) is captured and the originator receives a text or email confirmation.

The Acacia CARE network web application provides the place for clinical, social and family care givers to come together to support the member and each other. The heart of the application is a calendar engine that manages the information and interactions that support the members. This information is bifurcated into two categories, social and protected health information (PHI). The protected health information is stored and managed in a secure manner and shared with members that have permission to view health information.

Members have access to supportive information and services through the Community, Activities, Resources and Education areas in the CARE Network. Patient and member-centric information and support can be shared with care givers and family. These features drive member engagement and keep everyone in the CARE network informed and up-to-date.

The Acacia C.A.R.E. Network is disruptive technology designed to empower people to change the way they age in America and beyond. When accessing the CARE Network from the Internet our first step is to engage the aging person with a platform that supports both the clinical and social dimensions of aging. This information is shared without the traditional encumbrances of silo-ed healthcare information systems. The web-based CARE Network can share healthcare information with appropriate providers without excluding family and friends. This approach allows patients to be supported throughout the care continuum because the CARE Network maintains communication with the care team members when the patient discharges from the hospital, recovers in a skilled facility, receives professional care giving services in their home or recovers in other supportive environments. Their "Network" stays with them throughout consistently faciliting interaction between clinicians, other care providers, services and their social support team.

In the patient's home, Acacia provides support to the senior through an easy-to-use Internet tablet appliance. In default mode the CARE appliance is a networked, electronic picture frame displaying images of family, friends and encouraging messages.



Acacia Living enables seniors, their families, friends, and their team of health care professionals to easily connect with each other through an innovative, easy-to-use platform.


Acacia's C.A.R.E. Network provides the opportunity for members to participate in activities both inside and outside of their home.


Acacia Living is committed to enabling maximum quality of life and independence while living at home. The Resource Center offers easy access to a wide variety of reliable products and services.


Acacia Living provides a foundation of informational articles, courses, and references to support personal growth and positive aging for the senior, caregiver, and family.


About us

Acacia's leadership is headed by Founder, Rick Slager, who has successfully developed several start-ups and led two senior healthcare companies through their IPOs before selling both to larger, publicly traded companies. The team's professional experience spans the continuum of care for seniors and their families, including: Homecare, Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, Hospice, Memory Care, Ambulance, Hospital, and Pharmaceutical (with particular depth in Dementia and Memory Care). Its members have developed and implemented award-winning training for professional caregivers used worldwide. Acacia's team also has significant experience in healthcare technology through the design and development of clinical systems, creating imbedded OS interfaces, and implementing software systems across extensive caregiving networks. This expertise will be reflected in the quality, reliability, and relevance of the information we provide through our national network of experts.